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This page provides technical information about the website.

Browser Compatibility

The Drop down menu functionality does not currently work with Chrome.

Enabling Drop-Down Menu Choices

For optimum viewing it will be necessary to enable the running of JavaScript on your computer.  The running or non-running of JavaScript is controlled by your browser settings. JavaScript is used throughout the web site to control the “drop down menu” functionality. If JavaScript is turned on, more Menu choices will be available.

Click here for Instructions on how to enable Javascript in your browser: Instructions to enable Javascript


The following resources were used in the construction of this web site

Text Size Adjustment

Your Browser can also control the text size, however it is recommended that the text size be set as follows.

Internet Explorer - Select View > Text Size > Medium OR press the CTRL and 0 Keys together
Firefox - Press the CTRL and 0 Keys together

Keyboard Navigation Enabled (No Mouse Required!)

If you do not use a Mouse, Press or invoke the ALT and F8 key together. Then, to select the "drop down" menus, press or invoke any of the four Arrow keys: ←↑→↓ (or the TAB key). Press or invoke ENTER to select the content. Does not work with IE.


Photographs can be accessed by clicking on the drop-down navigation menu Photo's within the troop’s web site. The majority of the troop’s Photographs are hosted on Google Photos Site. This service offers Slide-show capability, sharing and download features.

Navigating out of the webSite and back

All external Links, PDF downloads and photographs will open in a new Browser Window. To get back to troop294's web site simply click on the original Browser Window. If you are using FireFox Click on the original tab. The web site is titled 'Boy Scout Troop294, St.Paul, Minnesota'.