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Types of Camping

Troop 294 has monthly weekend campouts from September through June. Summer camp is in late June or early July and a high adventure trip in August. See the yearly calendar for dates. Advancement in Troop 294 will be difficult if a scout does not participate in a significant number of the campouts. A medical form for every scout is required for every outing. These are filled out once a year and kept on file by the troop.

Adult family members are welcome and encouraged to go camping with the scout troop.

We need everyone to take their fare share in making the camp outs successful. We are asking every family to help out with 3 camp out a year. Drive 2 times, and camp out one time.

If you volunteer, and then for what ever reason you cannot, you need to find your own replacement.

Also, we are giving a small stipend for the drivers that pull the trailer, it takes a lot more gas to pull the trailer and we would like to give a little "thank you" for doing this job.

Adults volunteers for driving and camping need to sign up early. The idea is to have an excess of adult volunteers to come forward. Once we have the number of scouts, we can determine if all the adults are needed. It's much easier to tell a volunteer they're NOT needed, then to find one last minute. If we are short, I will send out one email informing the adults how short we are and if we do not get enough volunteers by Wednesday evening, we will have to cancel the camp out.

This new system was decided from all the suggestions we were given, and we need to give this a try. The reason for this is because we are always scrambling at the very end, right before the camp out to get enough volunteers. Plus, if we need to cancel, people will know a day or two in advance before the camp out and not at the last minute. The other reason we need a new system is because we always have the same volunteers driving and camping.

Weekend Campouts
Troop 294 has weekend campouts each month September through June. One to two weeks before the each camping trip we will discuss the upcoming campout. Troop 294 tries to have a variety of different camping experiences; some Campouts are in cabins, others are in tents, others have been winter survival campouts, and still others have been family campouts.

The camping fee is $15.00 per person. This fee covers the cost of food. The fee to rent cabins or tent space is absorbed by the troop through fundraising. Some campouts such as district camporees, and jamborees have additional fees. One week before the campout the camping fees are collected.

On most weekend camping trips, the troop leaves Friday at 6:00 p.m. from the Target carpark, near St. Pascal's and returns to the Target carpark between 10 and 11 am. The website will have the Calender Event information.

Adult family members are welcome and encouraged to go camping with the scout troop. Adults pay the same camping fees as the scouts for weekend campouts. If a parent wishes to bring a younger sibling along on a campout, you must have approval from the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair.

Summer Camp
In late June or early July, members of Troop 294 go to Tomahawk Scout Reservation in Rice Lake Wisconsin for one week. This camp is located about 180 miles from the Twin Cities. Summer Camp is the ideal place for all Scouts to work on advancement and merit badges, and it is a good place for more experienced Scouts to earn some of the merit badges required for Eagle. It is also, of course, a great place to have fun.

The cost of summer camp is set by Northern Star council and should be about $210. The first deposit is due in March, and the final payment is due in June. The council does have campership available for summer camp. If your interested in a campership please ask the leadership for an application.
Parents are welcome to come up to summer camp for all or part of the week. There may be a charge for food.

If a parent wishes to bring a younger sibling along to summer camp, you must have approval from the Scoutmaster, Committee Chair or his/her assistants.

We are currently looking for several adults who would be willing to spend the week at summer camp cooking for our scouts. We tried this for the last 3 summers with rave reviews from all who participated. It would entail splitting the cooking duties with two or three other adults, who would cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for approximately 40 people. If you are interested, or would like more information, please let us know.

Please note that summer camp requires a Scout to have had a physical examination by a doctor within 3 years.

High Adventure Campouts
Troop 294 offers a high adventure program. Past high adventure trips and experience include back packing trips to Philmont New Mexico, back packing trips to the Apostle Islands, winter survival campout and white water rafting. Some high adventure trips are only open to older Scouts. Information on high adventure trips will be passed out as the trips are planned.


Camping equipment
Before your first campout, new scouts will spend time at the troop meetings learning camping skills. In the Boy Scout Handbook there is a list of camping equipment. Please read through this and talk to one of the troop leaders about the upcoming campout and see what equipment will be needed. We suggest you do not purchase any major item of camping equipment for Boy Scout campouts right away. Some camping equipment will need to be purchased but it is best to go on a couple of campouts before you go out and buy major equipment. If you have questions about equipment needs ask one of the scout leaders or an experienced Scout.

Tents and Cabins
Generally Troop 294 camps in tents May through October, and camps in cabins in November, December, February, March and April. In January, we winter camp outside. Troop 294 owns it own tents. Scouts sleep two scouts to a tent. Scouts do not share tents with adults except with their own parent. When cabin camping, the cabins are usually one large room.

Knives, Axes and Saws
Scouts must earn their Totin'Chip card before using any of these tools. If a scout uses these tools in an unsafe manner he will lose his Totin'Chip card, and thus the right to use these tools at Scout functions.
  • Knives - A good quality standard size pocketknife is a good choice. Large knives are not permitted. Ask a leader if you are uncertain.
  • Axes and saws - The troop owns an ax and saw. These are available for use on campouts
  • Safety with these tools is emphasized on all scouting functions
Transportation to/from Campouts
Scout families will be asked to provide transportation for campouts. The Troop will set up car pools to take the scouts to and from campouts. Families are requested to help as much as possible. Most Boy Scouts Camps are located within 45 minutes of St Pascal's.