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The Troop uses several different ways to communicate with families and/or scouts, the most popular being eMail. The troop has adopted Google Groups as the eMail broker for the troop. What this means is that individuals do not have to keep their own list of email recipient addresses, but instead can use a common group eMail address that is centrally managed and maintained. The troop uses a private listing containing only the eMail addresses of troop families and/or scouts. To receive and send eMails with other troop families and/or scouts you must first add your eMail address to the troop eMail Group. To add your eMail address or to remove your email address with the group please use the Request Form below. You only need to do this once for each email address you have.

Once your eMail address has been verified you will be able to:-
  • Receive eMails from other troop families and/or scouts about important announcements
  • Send eMails to other troop families and/or scouts informing them of events
  • Remove your eMail address from the Troop's eMail Group - You will not be able to send or receive eMails using the Troop's email group
  • Add additional eMail addresses - A great way to stay promptly informed!
How to use - Simply use the troop294 eMail group as you would if you were sending an eMail to anyone else. That is, you type the Troop eMail group in the TO/send or CC/copy sections in your eMail program. The Troop eMail group address that you will use is shown above.

Replying - When you receive an eMail, don't forget that you can either reply back to the entire troop or just the person sending it. You decide.

Junk Mail - There is a chance that your eMail provider might misinterpret the eMail sent from google groups as either "spam" or "junk mail" and drop it in the junk box or even delete the message. In these circumstances it is recommended that you add the group eMail to your Safe Mailing Lists and/or Safe Senders areas in your eMail account. That way you can be assured of receiving news and events from other Scout families.

eMail removal policy - The Scout Master reserves the right to remove email addresses from the Google Group at any time, for any reason.

Request Form Use this form to add or remove your eMail address's.

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