Troop Finances and Fundraising

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The Registration fee for Boy Scouts of America is $24.00 per year for each Scout. None of this money goes to Troop 294; this money is sent to the National BSA office. Registration fee is due in early December and pays for a calendar year. The troop charges an additional $10 per year after the first year. Both of these charges are due in December of the year.

There is a weekend camping fee of $15 per person per campout for most Troop campouts. This is due 1 week before the campout. Special campouts such as camporees may have additional charges. Summer camp cost is fixed by Northern Star Council and is approximately $210 per week. The costs for high adventure trips vary.

A Scout is required to use money he has earned through Troop fund-raisers for summer camping fee, up to the balance available in his account.


Troop 294 usually has 3 fundraisers -
  • Selling Christmas Wreaths (October through December)
  • Selling popcorn in the fall
  • Selling Plants in the Spring
We occasionally have other fundraisers. Of the 3 fundraisers listed only one supports the troop and that is the Wreath sales. The other two fund raisers are used to help our scout and their families afford camping. Wreath sales are the main financial support for Troop 294. Without the money raised by this fundraiser, Troop 294 would go broke.

A Scout and his family are expected to help raise funds and ensure the survival and growth of our troop.

When a scout sells an item from these fundraisers, a significant portion of the profits goes to the Unit and a portion is placed in the Scout’s Individual Camp Account.  Camp Accounts can be used only for the following: Summer camp, weekend camping, high adventure trips and Eagle Scout projects. The scout’s Camp Account balance will transfer to the Troop’s general Fundraising account when the scout leaves the Troop. The troop’s share of all funds received will be used to offset the cost of camping trips for all scouts (Weekend campouts, summer camp and/or high adventure trips)

When camperships are given out one of the first questions asked will be did the scout participate in fundraisers. Fundraisers raise money for the troop and help Scouts pay for camping.