How to Join

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Joining The Troop

Scouting is a family affair. All parents are encouraged to become involved with Troop activities, for without the support of our families, Troop 294 leadership would be overwhelmed. No Scout is expected to travel the scouting trail by himself. Behind every Eagle Scout are dedicated and committed parents or involved adult. Parents should encourage their son to work on advancement and merit badges. Parents should encourage their sons to undertake leadership roles and take full advantage of the Scouting program. Parents are invited to all Troop meetings and especially to Courts of Honor. Courts of Honor are held in September, January, May and at Summer Camp.

On the other hand, parents may not sign off on advancement and merit badges for their own sons. The Scoutmaster and his/her assistants sign off on all advancement. Registered merit badge counselors must sign off merit badges, and a parent cannot be the counselor for his/her son without prior Troop committee approval.

Parent Volunteers needed
If a parent has a special skill or training, she or he is encouraged to serve as a Merit Badge Counselor for interested Scouts. There are more than 150 different merit badges.

Of course, there is always room for anyone who wants to take a more active role in working with the Scouts to plan their program. Many positions of various degrees of commitment are needed to run Troop 294. Please consider seriously, becoming an active member of the adult leadership. Being active in the Boy Scouts with your son is an experience both of you will enjoy and remember for a long time. Council leadership training programs are held several times a year, and everyone is encouraged to take advantage of them. Many of the Troop 294 parents have taken various training courses.

Inappropriate Behavior
The goal of the adult leaders is to have a safe, fun Troop program for the Scouts. The adult leaders have the right and responsibility to intervene in any situation that they deem unsafe or unacceptable. If a Scout is unwilling to abide by the requirements of the adult leaders in charge, they may require a parent to come get the Scout, whether the situation occurs at a Troop meeting or during an outing.

Information for Parents about Outings
There must be at least two adults present at all times on any Troop or Patrol event, whether it is a meeting, a day trip or an overnight campout. One of the adults must be a registered and trained Boy Scout Leader. If the group is split (for example, a strenuous hike for the older boys, and a somewhat easier hike for the younger boys), there must be two adults with each group. The requirement for two-deep leadership is both to protect the Scouts and adults.

A tour permit is required for any activity away from the regular-meeting places, which are the St. Pascal's School, and the Scoutmasters or other leaders' homes.

Transportation must be in insured vehicles with a functioning seat belt for every passenger, and seat belts must be worn whenever a vehicle is moving. A Scout who will not wear a seat belt may be returned home immediately and may be limited to traveling with his parent, and only when his parent is a driver.

  • Be at least 11 years old, but not yet 18 years old
  • Have completed the fifth grade
  • Have earned the Arrow of Light
If you are a graduating Webelos Scout
  • Complete an Application to become a Boy Scout. You can get an application from your Webelos leader or from a leader of Troop 294.
  • Deliver this application.
  • Attend first Monday troop meeting following your Blue and Gold Dinner.
If you are transferring from another troop
  • Complete an Application to become a Boy Scout. You can get an application from a leader of Troop 294.
  • Deliver this application to a leader of Troop 294.
  • Ask your former scoutmaster to review his troop records and provide the following information in writing
    • The date you joined the troop you are leaving.
    • List of rank advancement and the dates you received them
    • List of All merit badges you received and the dates you received them
    • The number of nights of scout camping you have completed
    • List of all positions of responsibility and the dates you held these positions
    • List of all awards and honors you received and the dates you received them
If you are not currently in Scouting
  • Complete an Application to become a Boy Scout. You can get an application from a leader of troop 294.
  • Deliver this application and $10 to a leader of Troop 294.