Scout Meetings and Uniforms

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Types Of Meeting

Troop 294 routinely holds 3 types of meetings

The yearly planning meetings
The yearly-planning meeting is held in mid August. At this meeting the boys put together a plan for the year campouts, merit badges and events for the upcoming year

Parents meetings
Troop 294 holds 2 parent meetings a year: one in late August and one in February or March. These meetings are a chance for the parents to see the yearly plan, volunteer to help with activities and improve communication

Weekly scout meetings
These are on Monday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m., usually in the St. Pascal's School Auditorium. Troop meetings are held from early September to the end of May. If St. Pascal's School is closed for a holiday, the meeting will be held elsewhere. If a meeting is held elsewhere it will be communicated via the Troop's eMail distribution list or our web site.

Before the First Weekly Scout Meeting
Inside the front of your Boy Scout Handbook is a booklet entitled How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse and Drug Abuse. A parent should review this booklet and go over it with the new scout. Once, the booklet is reviewed by both parent and child, sign the front cover of it and bring the signed booklet to the first meeting and show it to the Scoutmaster so the requirement can be signed off.

The following should be brought to the First meeting:-
  • Signed booklet How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse and Drug Abuse from the front of your Boy Scout Handbook
  • Completed Application to become a Boy Scout, if you have not turned one in
  • Your Boy Scout Handbook
  • A pen and small notebook


There are 2 types of Boy Scout uniforms, class A and class B. For most Boy Scout activities including Monday night Scout meeting you should wear your class A uniform. A Class A uniform is:-
  • Tan scout shirt with red shoulder loop and all patches in place (see below). You may want to have a long sleeve and short sleeve shirt
  • Troop 294 wears yellow neckerchiefs with a neckerchief slide. You may purchase or make your tie slide. One neckerchief is provided by the Troop upon joining. Others will need to be purchased or made
  • Troop 294 holds an attendance and uniform contest each year to encourage Scouts to wear their uniforms and attend regularly
Scouting items can be purchased from Northern Star Council office at 393 Marshall Ave., St. Paul. There is scout store in Minneapolis. There are several stores such as JC Penney's order dept. and Donald Dept. Store on Payne that also carry scouting items.

The position of your patches on your uniform is illustrated on the inside cover of your Boy Scout Handbook.
  • An Northern Star Council patch
  • The numbers 2, 9, 4, or Troop 294 has available one patch with all 3 numbers, for a small charge
  • The US flag
  • Arrow of Light if you earned this as a Webelos Scout
  • Religious Square Knot, if you earned a religious award as a Cub Scout
  • World Brotherhood of Scouting Patch
  • Annual Quality Unit Patch