Adult Volunteers
2016 - 2017

Message from Troop 294

Troop 294 is very grateful for all the help so many of you give to the troop. Each time you drive scouts to an activity, teach a merit badge, go on a campout or just show up you are changing lives and making a permanent mark in the world. Thank You!

Volunteers are needed to organize, supervise, and coordinate the events which make Troop 294 special for your youth.

The youth have planned what Merit Badges and activities they would like and now we parents gather to coordinate and organize the adult leadership and volunteers to make it all happen throughout the year. Each year we need adults for Merit Badge Sessions, Fall Popcorn Sales Fundraiser, Christmas Wreath Fundraiser, Other FundRaisers, Courts of Honor, Campout Chaperones and Drivers, Campout Food Coordinator, And Advancement and Awards Coordinator. Other opportunities always arise.

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Committee Chair Scout Master Assistant Scout Master Charter Organization Rep
Troop Webmaster Membership Chairperson Treasurer Advancement Coordinator
Food Coordinator for CoH Camping Coordinator Equipment Coordinator Monthly Campouts
Campout Food Coordinator Summer Camp Coordinator Run Summer Camp Kitchen Pack Liason
Friends of Scouting High Adventure Coordinator Merit Badge Coordinator Merit Badge Counselor
Life to Eagle Coach Gym Time News Letter Coordinator Fundraiser Coordinator
Silent Auction Committee Members Religious Awards Adult Awards
Christmas Party Scouting for Food    

Committee Chair - Jim C

Lead the Troop Committee meetings

  • Organize the committee to see that all functions are delegated, coordinated and completed.
  • Maintain a close relationship with the chartered organization representative and the Scoutmaster.
  • See that Troop leaders and Committee members have training opportunities.
  • Interpret national and local policies to the Troop.
  • Work closely with Scoutmaster to prepare Troop committee meeting agendas.
  • Call, preside over, and promote attendance at quarterly Troop committee meetings and any special meetings called.
  • Conduct periodic parents' sessions to share the program and encourage parent participation and cooperation.
  • Ensure Troop representation at monthly roundtables.
  • Secure top-notch, trained individuals for camp leadership.
  • Recharter annually.
Level of Involvement

Scout Master - Tom B

Lead the Troop

  • Train and guide boy leaders.
  • Encourage Scouts to advance in rank
  • Work with other responsible adults to bring Scouting to boys.
  • Meet regularly with the patrol leaders' council for training and coordination in planning troop activities.
  • Attend all troop meetings or, when necessary, arrange for a qualified adult substitute.
  • Attend troop committee meetings.
  • Conduct periodic parents' sessions to share the program and encourage parent participation and cooperation.
  • Conduct Scoutmaster Conferences for all rank advancements.
  • Delegate responsibility to other adults and groups (assistants, troop committee) so that they have a real part in troop operations.
  • Make it possible for each Scout to experience at least 10 days and nights of camping each year.
  • Participate in council and district events.
  • Build a strong program by using proven scouting methods
  • Conduct all activities under qualified leadership, safe conditions, and the policies of the chartered organization and the Boy Scouts of America.
Level of Involvement

Assistant Scout Master -
Mike A, Ellen A, Lance V-E, PJ

Assist the Scout Master

  • Each assistant Scoutmaster is assigned specific program duties and reports to the Scoutmaster.
  • Provide the required two-deep leadership standards set by the Boy Scouts of America (there must be at least two adults present at any Boy Scout activity).
  • Attend all troop meetings or, when necessary, arrange for a qualified adult substitute.
  • Types of assistant Scoutmasters in troop 294 include:
    • Assistant Scoutmaster - New Scouts
    • Assistant Scoutmaster - Camping
    • Assistant Scoutmaster - Fund raisers
Level of Involvement

Charter Organization Representative - Open Position

The Liason with the Unit's sponsor. Know the most effective ways to get the organization's assistance and maintain a mutually satisfactory working relationship with the Charted Organization.

  • Is a member of the Chartered Organization
  • The Representative of the Chartered Organization who coordinates Scouting activities with the sponsoring institution.
  • Administers Charter Organization policy
  • Helps keep Unit Committees at full operating strength
  • Participates in the annual charter review
  • Interpret and coordinate the Council Policies and program to his institution and his unit
  • Attends quarterly Committee Meetings
  • Encourages service to the Organization
  • Coordinates replacement of the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair when necessary
Level of Involvement

Troop Webmaster - Lance V-E

Maintain the troop's website

  • Keep the website current with news and events, with short notice
  • Maintain Google Groups eMail accounts. Update Troopmaster with eMail changes
  • Create annual calendar in HTML and publish to the website
  • Convert any formatted documents received (Word, Excel etc.) to PDF format for publishing
  • Update mySql database with the upcoming (next months) calendar events
  • Manage Photographs and the publication to Picasa for inclusion on the website.
  • Check for any broken links and correct if necessary
  • Update website with the latest information changes: Rank Advancement, Patrol Membership etc.
  • Throughly test with popular browsers and operating systems and correct as necessary
  • Monitor and view web usage statistics for trend analysis
  • Generate new logos and graphics as needed to keep the site looking fresh and up to date.
  • Maintain and manage the troop Google Group account
  • Update Troopmaster with eMail updates as received directly from the website.
Level of Involvement
Ongoing, approx 40-50 hours per year.

Treasurer - Mark M

Organize the Troop finances. Create budget and reports

  • Handle all Troop funds.  Pay bills upon recommendation of the Scoutmaster and authorization of the Troop committee.
  • Maintain checking and savings accounts.
  • Train and supervise the Troop Scribe in collecting money for campouts.
  • Keep adequate records.
  • Supervise money-earning projects, including obtaining proper authorizations.
  • Supervise the camp savings plan.
  • Lead in the preparation of the annual Troop budget.
  • Report to the Troop committee at each meeting.
Level of Involvement

Advancement Coordinator - Barb R

Encourage scouts to advance in rank. Coordinate Boards of Review

  • Prepares and maintains advancement records for each scout.
  • Reports to the Scoutmaster and adult patrol advisors regarding the advancement and merit badge needs of each scout.
  • Coordinates with the adult leaders to ensure that the annual program plan and monthly camping and troop meeting plans will provide opportunities for all scouts to advance.
  • Schedules and coordinates Boards of Review.
  • Purchases all awards rank insignia, and other troop provided patches from the Council Service Center.
  • Plans and coordinates all Courts of Honor
  • Invite families to court of honors
  • Maintain an accurate record of Scouts attaining Eagle Rank
  • Work with the Troop Scribe to maintain all Scout advancement records.
Level of Involvement

Court of Honor food coordinator - Open Position

Arrange food for Courts of Honor

  • Work with the Scoutmaster and Advancement Coordinator to plan and coordinate Courts of Honor as needed. 
  • Arrange event location.
  • Determine budget with treasurer and input from leadership
  • Purchase and serve light refreshments.
  • May courts of honor set up pot luck
  • Set up and put away chairs and tables.
  • Event clean-up
Level of Involvement
Quarterly or as needed

Camping Coordinator - Sabrina K

Ensure a monthly outdoor program. Be the link between camps and the Troop. Ensure proper Reservations and payments are made on time.
For this position there are more specific forms and check lists

  • Attend annual youth planning meeting to understand where the youth want to go in the coming year
  • Work with the Scoutmaster in developing and planning the troop monthly camping program
  • Lay out the yearly calendar for camping
  • Contact camps to inquire about price and space availability
  • Make reservations and ensure proper payments are made.
  • Ensure the appropriate tour permits are obtained
  • Personally Attend as many campouts as possible
  • Verify there is trained adult leadership for each campout
  • Work with Quartermaster on inventory, storage, and proper maintenance of Troop equipment.
  • Make sure there are driver to and from to and from campouts
  • Promote, through family meetings, attendance at Troop campouts, Camporees, and summer camp to reach the goal of an outing per month.
  • Report to the Troop committee as needed.
Level of Involvement
Monthly - Must be an active camper

Equipment Coordinator - N/A

Keep tabs on Troop equipment and make recommendations for repair and replacement to Committee (Quartermaster)

  • Responsible for the care, maintenance and acquisition of all troop equipment including the troop trailer.
  • Work with the Camping Coordinator on inventory and proper storage and maintenance of all Troop equipment.
  • Will provide training to scouts and adults regarding the care and maintenance of troop equipment.
  • Collects estimates of costs for equipment to be acquired and presents to Troop Committee with recommendations for approval.
  • Orders equipment as approved by the Committee.
  • Ensures that equipment is properly issued and turned-in maintaining records of same.
  • Make periodic safety checks on all Troop camping gear, and encourage Troops in the safe use of all outdoor equipment
  • Report to the Troop committee as needed.
Level of Involvement

Campout Food Coordinator - N/A

Work with the Youth each month to plan menu, going shopping and pack food for the monthly campout

  • Meet with youth to plan menu at scout meeting prior to campout
  • Work with youth to plan - fun healthy menu and stay in budget
  • Verify with camping coordinator how many are going camping
  • Set up time and place to go shopping
  • Meet youth and go shopping
  • Work with youth to stay within budget
  • Take food to Aeling's
  • Pack food
Level of Involvement

Adults to go on Monthly Campouts - 2 -3 adults needed to go on each campout

Go and the monthly campout and provide adult supervision

  • Go camping with troop
  • Assist trained adults
  • Be a good role model to the youth
  • Take youth protection training
Level of Involvement

Merit Badge Coordinator - Open position

We usually set up the merit badge session to be part of 5 scout meetings. Each scouting year Sept to May we hold 5 badge sessions.
Normally we have 2 badges each session but occasionally hold 3 badges per session

  • Familiarize yourself with merit badges that are part of the BSA
  • Understand the difference between required and non-required merit badges
  • Understand the purpose of merit badges
  • Look at list of merit badges that youth in the troop need - required for eagle and Look at merit badges taught last year
  • Compare to badges taught last year - we try to not teach the badge same 2 years in a row
  • Go to Youth planning meeting and direct segment on what merit badges youth want Make a list of youth requested merit badge
  • Send out list to parent list of requested merit badges and present at adult planning meeting
  • Recruit adults teach merit badges - note many times we have had a parent coordinate the merit badge and have a friend/relative/associate actually teach the merit badge
  • Go through list of requested merit badges, and badges that you have councilors for and lay out a plan for the next couple of merit badges
  • We usually alternate required with non required merit badges
  • Arrange to train Merit badge councilor
  • Maintain a Troop library of merit badge pamphlets and other advancement literature.
  • Develop and maintain a Merit Badge Counselor list and conducts Troop resource survey.
Level of Involvement
On Going

Merit Badge Counselor - Several needed

Merit badge counselors provide the means for Scouts to explore many subjects that may not be available to them otherwise.
Coach Scouts through how to do the required skills of the craft, business, or hobby.

  • Follow the requirements of the merit badge, making no deletions or additions, ensuring that the advancement standards are fair and uniform for all Scouts.
  • Have a buddy present with each Scout at all instructional sessions.
  • Assist the Scout as he plans the assigned projects and activities to meet the merit badge requirements. - Certify the Scout after determining whether he is qualified for the merit badge.
  • Turn the records for completion of merit badge to advancement chair
  • Renew my registration as a merit badge counselor annually if I plan to continue serving as a merit badge counselor
Level of Involvement
5 week sessions - see Troop Calendar

Summer Camp Coordinator (2017) - Open Position

Plan and run the Tomahawk Summer Camp

  • Attend summer camp
  • Responsible for registering Troop for summer camp at Tomahawk
  • Collecting all fees
  • Supervising collection of medical forms and all other aspects of attending camp.
  • Responsible for assembling adults to assist in camp preparations.
  • Responsible for recruiting adults to attend camp and assist where needed.
  • Responsible for working with Camping coordinator and quartermaster to arrange for all needed equipment
  • Work with the kitchen staff
  • Organizing transportation
  • Work Senior Patrol Leader to set up duty rosters.
  • Meets with the Advancement Chairman to determine the needs of the scouts who will be attending to ensure that they are registered for proper classes in support of their advancement.
  • Advertise the camping opportunity to all members of the troop to ensure maximum attendance.
Level of Involvement

Run Kitchen at Summer Camp (2017) - Open Positions

Plan and run the Tomahawk Summer Camp kitchen

  • Manage menu, food, cooking, clean up and equipment at summer camp
  • Recruit adults to work in the camp kitchen
  • Work with youth to make menus
  • Buy food and pack with quartermaster
  • Determine what equipment you will need
  • Find volunteers to help precook food as needed
  • Find volunteer to bring food up to camp
  • Manage youth working in the kitchen
Level of Involvement
April through July

High Adventure (2017) - Open Position

Plan and run High adventure trips, One high adventure coordinator will be selected for each high adventure activity

  • Determine what high adventure trip the youth of the troop are interested in
  • Go on the trip
  • Responsible for securing necessary reservations
  • Planning (or delegating the planning) of the route, menus, and budgets
  • Obtaining the National Tour permit
  • Determine and recruiting youth or adults with needed certification for your high adventure.
  • Organizing transportation
  • Collecting payments
  • Oversight of any preparatory activity such as check-hikes or canoe checks.
  • Coordinates with the any base camp coordinator
Level of Involvement
As needed

Friends of Scouting (FOS) Coordinator - Open Position

Coordinate the Troop's annual FOS fund drive. -

  • Contact the district FOS presenter to schedule the annual presentation for the Troop.
  • Arrange for a FOS presenter
  • Follow up with families that were not able to attend the FOS presentation.
  • Be the Troop contact for any FOS business or questions
Level of Involvement
Once a Year

Fundraiser Coordinator - Mike A

Run Fund raising event for the troop One fundraiser coordinator will be selected for each fundraiser activity.
Wreath, gift wrapping and popcorn fundraiser, spring fund raiser and any other the troop decides to have.

  • Prepare promotional materials and explanation of fundraisers.
  • Recruit Adults to assist you
  • Distribute information Scouts.
  • Collect order forms.
  • Place order with supplier.
  • Collect payments from Scouts and turn over to Treasurer
Troop Fund Raisers
Wreath - Janine K
Popcorn - Tina P
Christmas Wrapping - Desiree S
Spring - Rita S

Level of Involvement
As Needed

Adults to cover Gym Time - Various

Needed at most meeting from 8 to 8:25 - insure the youth organize the games so the leaders can plan for future events
- we need 2 adults in the gym

Level of Involvement
On Going

Committee Members - Open Positions

Registered adults that want an active role in the troop.

  • Help set Troop policy
  • Assist with Board of Reviews
  • Attends quarterly Committee Meetings
Level of Involvement

Membership Chairperson - Open

Grow the Troop

  • Provide a systematic recruiting plan for new members and see that they are promptly registered.
  • Responsible for seeing that all members are registered with Scout Service Center.
  • Invite all Webelos Scout families to participate in appropriate Troop programs and arrange for welcome of graduating Webelos.
  • Work on Troop's membership goal.
Level of Involvement

Pack Liason - Open Position

Be the link between our Troop and the Cub Scout Packs

  • Report to the Troop on Pack activities of interest to the Troop such as Crossover, service opportunities, Father/Son outing.
  • Attend the monthly Pack committee meetings, providing information on things of interest to the Pack such as Webelos Crossover to Scout Troop, outing activities, etc.
  • Be a conduit of information between the Pack and Troop as needed.
Level of Involvement

Troop Christmas Party - Open

Set up and run troop Christmas party

  • Come up with party idea - we have had sledding party, cooking contest and swimming party. This party is often held on the last scout meeting in December but could be held a different day.
  • Advertise, promote organize party .
  • Manage finances with committee approval.
Level of Involvement

Scouting for Food - Open Position

Organize and run Scouting for food.

  • Recruit adults to drive on both days to pass out fliers and the following Saturday to collect food donations.
  • Run the fliering of the neighborhood and food collection hand out maps. Make sure our area is covered.
  • Get food to the food shelves.
Level of Involvement

Religious Awards - N/A

Coach the youth through the religious award

  • Know and understate the religious award
  • Provide the opportunity for the youth to complete this badge
  • Have a buddy present with each Scout at all instructional sessions.
  • Provide opportunities for Boy Scouts to grow in their duty to God and their fellow Scouts.
Level of Involvement
On Going

Adult Awards - May court of Honor - N/A

Give recognition to all the adults that have helped out over the year.

  • Provide a presentation and tokens of the Troop's appreciation.
Level of Involvement

Life to Eagle Coach - Mike A

Provide guidance and support to Life Scouts to help them attain Eagle

  • Meet monthly, or more often as needed, with Life Scouts to:
    • Create a plan to reach Eagle rank.
    • Determine Status to plan
    • Identify obstacles and determine solutions.
  • Provide coaching on service project, project notebook and preparation for Eagle board of review.
  • Report at Troop committee meetings
Level of Involvement

Silent Auction - N/A

Run the Troop attendance/uniform awards for the scouts

  • During the year gather items for the Silent Auction.
  • Recruit a couple of people to help on the night of the event
  • Make bid sheets for each item
  • Set up and run the auction at the May Court of Honor.
Level of Involvement