Scout Patrols

Patrols are the building blocks of Scouting. A patrol is a team of boys who make things happen! With the help of a Patrol Leader, you plan together, learn together and turn exciting plans into action. Patrols are such an important part of scouting that Troop 294 sets aside time for the patrol to meet by itself at every troop meeting. At other times that patrol might get together in the home of one of its members or at a special patrol site.

New-Scout Patrol
The new-scout patrol is a group of boys who have just become Scouts. They are helped by an assistant ScoutMaster who can guide the new scouts through the first years of scouting.

Experienced-Scout Patrol
Scouts who have entered the seventh grade or who hold the rank of First Class or higher become members of patrols for experienced Scouts.

Patrol Name and Flag
Every patrol has a name which is agreed upon by the scouts. Each patrol has a flag which is made by the scouts and is on display at all troop meetings.

Patrol Leader
Each patrol will elect one of its members to serve as a patrol leader. He will be in charge of the patrol at troop meetings and during outdoor adventures. In addition He will represent the patrol at the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) which meets every month.

Below are the Current Troop 294 Patrols.

Chicken Face Patrol

Tyler K Hadden K Rowan M Sean M Zachary P  

Patrol Leader: TBD

No Name Patrol

William B Johnathan B Josh B William C Evan H McCoy C
Eli K Wyatt K Michael V-E      

Patrol Leader: William C